If you got Roofing problems it’s important to remember that insurance coverage does not equal a warranty. Whether it’s property, casualty, or health, there are certain Roofing problems that are not covered by insurance companies, in an insurance policy because it is considered roofing maintenance rather than actual losses. Insurance is designed to pay for damages that occur to the property during one, measurable event at one time. Reoccurring items that are necessary for the up keep of the property are considered maintenance rather than actual losses.

When it comes to your roof, similar to car tires and oil changes, the insurer expects you to cover the costs to maintain the roof. Roofs have what insurers call a functional life, which is the amount of time the roof should last under “normal” circumstances. This useful life can vary greatly depending on the construction materials and location.

If your older roof has been exposed to hail, you expect to have to replace shingles, if not the whole roof, in order to keep it from leaking or collapsing. It is part of what is called the “hidden” costs of homeownership.

Insurers generally protected themselves from minor property damage claims and roof claims by requiring a certain size deductible on your policy for property damage claims. Typically, insurers require in areas that incur frequent damage due to tornadoes, wind and hail a higher deductible. Often water damage resulting from “wind driven rain.” will likely be denied if you have an old, leaky roof. On the other hand, if a nasty wind or hail storm destroys part or your entire roof in one particular event, your insurance company would likely pay to repair or replace it

Some insurance companies will even exclude roof coverage all together if a home’s roof has not been repaired or replaced within a certain norm for the materials and geographic area.  Additionally, some insurers will only offer actual cash value coverage instead of the roof replacement cost on a roof over a certain age even when the structure itself is insured for replacement cost.

This is just one more reason why it is important to maintain your roof and do preventative roof maintenance with a qualified professional roofing company, like City Roofing.